About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Chethana 👋🏼

I'm a software engineer residing in sunny California ☀️
I enjoy learning, solving problems, and spending my free time experimenting with new cuisines and flavors in the kitchen and exploring beautiful scenic places.

Experience and work

I have about 3 years of full-stack engineering in the US and 2 years of SDET experience in India. Additionally, I also have bachelors and masters degrees in Computer Science - so, overall, I have been in the tech space since 2012 💻

At my day job, I primarily work with Python (Flask, FastAPI), Javascript, GraphQL, PostgreSQL (SQLAlchemy) and AWS. On the side, I toy with a few more technologies like Astro, NextJS & Ruby on Rails.


I volunteered with Women Who Code Python putting out technical content, moderating and helping with events, see my playlist here.

Additionally, I have been helping to organize PyCascades for the past 2 years and am currently working as Accessibility Chair for PyCascades 2025.

My biggest super power ✨

I can work without much direction, getting answers to the specific questions that I want (although knowing what to solve for is a hard problem sometimes) and execute with velocity and good quality code.

Want to chat more? Email me at chethanagopinath@gmail.com if you have an interesting opportunity or just want to connect!

You can see what I'm currently hacking on with my socials below 👇🏼 or read about them in my blog 📗